What does the desk of a social media manager look like?

By Stewart Hicks

After seeing a few blogs pop up about what a day in the life of somebody who works in social media marketing is like, I decided I would share with you my desk in the hope to give you some insight into how much multi-tasking I get up to in any one day, the tools I use, and how I divide my time.

This shot of my desk is probably emulated by digital and content marketing folk across the globe.

1) Main Screen

This is where I do the majority of my work. From this screen I run office suite applications (for blog writing, e-mail and reports), Tweetdeck (for Twitter engagement & interaction), TweetAdder (For finding new followers and tidying up Twitter accounts) & Evernote (for note taking and content curation). Typically I will rotate between staring at Tweetdeck until the endless scrolling makes my eyes water, flicking to outlook to check if anything relevant has come through my RSS feed or emails, and opening word to write blogs.


2) Secondary Screen

The screen I spend most of my time looking at. This screen is solely for google chrome, where on average I will have between 10 and 10,000 tabs open, including Sprout Social (for social media message scheduling and reporting), Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon and a tonne of obscure sites for referencing and sourcing material for blogs.


3) The laptop

A MacBook pro, kitted out with video and photo editing tools (I use Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite). This comes to work with me for the sole purpose of content creation. Visual graphics, client video trailers and photo enhancement all get worked on via this small but powerful machine.


4) The notebook

No not a soppy movie, the real thing. Nothing beats pen and paper for jotting ideas down and most importantly: writing to do lists. It is the core to planning each day for me; important tasks are highlighted in pink and must be completed that day.


5) Pencil case

I’m bringing them back into fashion. Stop judging me.


6) Sugary drink

Keeping my energy levels high. This is usually a canned soft drink or a cup of tea. Some days it’s both. I hope my dentist isn’t reading this.


Just out of shot are a few other things important to my day: Trade publications and magazines (for content curation), my lunch & a small portable heater for fighting off the cold weather.

As you can see I try to keep things fairly neat, and I recommend the same to anybody else who plans to do this or a similar job. Organising yourself is key to keeping on top of multiple accounts and ensuring you work efficiently.

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What does your desk look like? Tweet us a pic of your work space!

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