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With Social Media being an ever changing platform, the challenges marketers face change on a day to day basis. Stewart Hicks identified 7 of the biggest challenges marketers face when working with Social Media. How many of these can you relate to?

1. Keeping up with technology

We’ve all been there. You have your strategy created, your content drafted and that killer video ready to go live. Then you find out that one of the big players (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) have moved the goal posts. There’s a new algorithm, a change in the TOS or a whole new platform / gadget on the market (Meerkat / Periscope for instance) and suddenly you find yourself going back to the drawing board to capitalise on these updates. This happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


2. Keeping up with current affairs

If it isn’t the technology changing it’s the industries you are trying to curate content for. Subscribing to RSS feeds, checking BuzzSumo and Feedly every day and signing up to literally dozens of mailing lists is not enough. The Social Media Marketer must be omnipresent, a god that misses nothing, absorbing information like a sponge. For the best results you could try not sleeping ever, giving you vital additional time to get ahead of the curve.


3. Listening to Noise

With all of these streams of information; technology, current affairs, notifications, customer queries etc. it falls down to the marketer to determine what noise is relevant. Social Listening is time consuming, and even the fastest reader will struggle to keep up with the noise us marketers are bombarded with every second of every day.


4. The quest for a witty remark

Humour is often seen as an important factor on Social Media, especially in Business 2 Consumer industries. Brands often want to be seen as fun, especially with the Millennial demographic. This means marketers need to be able to come up with witty jokes on the fly, which is easier said than done. I once  spent 20 minutes thinking up a Star Wars pun, a quest which had me trawling the internet for names, locations or anything that could be turned in to a joke. I was looking for something about Yoda in particular, but I came up short (Sorry!).


5. The To-Do list never ends

Every time I scratch something off, it is immediately replaced by 4 new tasks. Like the Hydra it threatens to swallow me whole every day. I guess this applies to anyone who works in a fast paced office environment. You show me a finished to do list and I will show you someone who forgot something important.


6. Social City never sleeps – Neither will you

You know what I said earlier about not sleeping? It’s pretty much irrelevant because you won’t sleep anyway. There are always people talking, and unless you have a dedicated team working night shifts you may find yourself up at 4am replying to a tweet whilst your other half rolls over and places a pillow over their head to drown out the incessant tapping of your fingers writing out that witty remark you just thought of. Can it wait until morning? Yes. Will it? No.


7. Nobody else is working to your pace

So you manage to juggle everything above. You are keeping up with the information stream, filtering the noise and replying to messages seconds after they are posted to your brands wall. Your To do list is empty. You are basically a super hero. All you need is for the sales department to provide you with that customer data, your designer to send back the final draft of those infographics and the CEO to give you a usable quote to send to that journalist on Twitter. You wait seconds, then minutes. Whole hours go past and nothing! Finally you get a reply in your inbox, stating they will get it actioned by the end of the week. You see it doesn’t matter how fast you work when everyone around you is working at a slower (and much more rational) pace.

What challenges do you face with Social Media Marketing? If you need help let us know!

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