Stewart Hicks, Social Media Manager

Food manufacturing and food retail social media accounts are often being praised for their dynamic content, excellent customer service and topical pop culture references. Both smaller and larger businesses are finding success across social media channels, so I’ve put together a few pointers to make your brand really stand out. Whether you’re a food manufacturer, restaurant or café owner – here’s how to make an impact with your social media.

1.   Image is everything – invest in food photography

People love great pictures of food. No matter what you sell, if we can eat it we will love a photo of it. There is a catch here: the photo needs to be good. Dark, blurry images of a poorly presented dish will have a negative impact for your business. Ideally hire a professional food photographer to spend a few hours photographing your products.

On top of this, learn how to take good pictures on your phone (or hire / train a staff member who can) – a strong social media presence will require consistent content production, so being able to take share-worthy images daily will put you in a strong position. Need inspiration? Here’s some great examples of food brands rocking Instagram.


2.   Don’t sell to the customer – delight them

A big mistake I’ve seen with some food brands on social media is an over reliance on pushing promotions, offers and deals. Consumers aren’t going on social media to be sold to, they want to be entertained, educated and engaged with. Focus your content on those 3 things and you’ll be able to build your audience and create a stronger connection with your customers. Here are some examples to build into your strategy:

  • Entertain: Mouth watering pictures on Instagram, playful animations on Facebook, hosting special events – ask yourself how you can enrich your audience with the content you create. Example: Nando’s UK
  • Educate: Recipes, how-to guides, behind the scenes footage from the food manufacturing process or interviews with the head chef at your restaurant are all excellent ways to educate your audience and provide insight to you brand. Example: Betty Crocker UK
  • Engage: Contests, giveaways and polls are a great ways to encourage discussion around your brand. On top of this, respond to customers efficiently with any queries. Tone is important here, and there are some great examples of brands taking a tongue in cheek approach when engaging with customers. Example: Wendy’s (US)

3.   Build a marketing sandwich

Make social media part of a holistic marketing approach for your restaurant or food brand. I spoke to the head of marketing at Pret last year, who talked about how the brand looked at all of their customer touch points, then determined the best message to put across each of those touch points.

Look at how you can leverage your channels together to make the most impact. As an example, Rose Media Group harnessed PR & social media activity alongside traditional marketing methods to launch Itsu in Brighton.

4.   Be like Heston Blumenthal

Be different, be unique, and try something you’ve not seen before. Be ready to adapt your plan if it doesn’t work, but embrace the challenge that comes with discovering your own way of delivering your brand message.

Need some support with developing the social media strategy for your food brand or food retail outlet? We can help! Get in contact today to find out how we can develop and execute your strategy.


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