By Stewart Hicks.

generate sales from InstagramBefore you go head hunting at your nearest farm, I don’t mean you should hire one of our woolly friends, as sheep make terrible sales people. They come up with woolly ideas which tend to have baaaaad results. This is instead a tale of how a novelty video on Instagram can turn into a sales lead.

James Wright, owner of Sussex Pigs Ltd. returned to his farm land one evening to find one of his sheep wandering around with a bright yellow bucket on its head.

The sheep are kept on the field as natural lawn mowers, but this one had decided it wanted to try pig food instead. As it tried to lick the residue from an empty bucket it got its head stuck and James decided to film the poor creature before removing the offending item from the sheep (planning to show the embarrassing footage at the culprits wedding).

Being fairly savvy with social media, James popped the video up on Instagram, and shared on his companies LinkedIn profile too. The humorous video (which you can see below) received a modest amount of traffic and that’s the last he thought of it.

Days later the video gets spotted by the head chef at a local estate, who then enquires about the products offered by James’ company. The end result? A long term contract worth a figure in the thousands.

We asked James if he had any advice for businesses in regards to social media and he told us “I think businesses have the potential to create moments like this (bucket sheep video) every day, and they shouldn’t shy away from social media. Embrace it, understand it and most of all use it.”

Do you have any funny stories of social media content that directly lead to a sale? Post in the comments below or send us a tweet!

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