how to engage with customers on internet

So you’ve found your audience and are wondering what next? Here’s a handy guide to follow when engaging with your potential new customers on Social Media.

social media etiquetteDo:

  1. Be courteous and respectful at all times, even if an opinion differs from your own.
  1. Be factual where possible. If you are making a statement back it up with sources.
  1. Reply to all questions directed at you. This can be very difficult, and you may have to draw upon more resources to do this as your presence grows.
  1. Post relevant content to your field. The better at drawing an emotional response (Happiness, Sadness, Amazement, Anger etc.) the more shareable it will become.
  1. Create an online customer service and crisis management strategy. This is especially important in the B2C sector where consumers flock to Social Media if they are dissatisfied with a product or service.
  1. Ask questions! People love to give their opinion on matters, and it’s a great way to gain customer feedback too.
  1. Use photos where possible. Generally speaking a post with a picture will outperform one without.


social media engagement guideDon’t:

  1. Feel the need to be on EVERY social media platform. Concentrate on 1-2 to start with.
  1. Start posting until you have built a strategy. What are your objectives on Social Media? Make a plan, monitor your progress and adapt it where necessary.
  1. Buy followers, likes, comments etc. Read why this is bad here.
  1. Panic! Social Media is a dynamic exciting and engaging medium to promote your business. Have fun on there!

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