Our Team


Aneela The Over-Achiever
Managing Director
The face, the firecracker and the heart of the agency; Aneela’s magnetic energy is a force of nature that keeps clients coming back year after year.

An absolute pro with an impressive track record, Aneela drives the agency forward with her positive energy and sunny disposition. Full of surprises, bursting with ideas and always up for a challenge, Aneela is constantly inspiring her team by achieving huge personal and professional goals.

Social Stew
Social Media Manager
Social savvy to say the least, Stewart is a digital native with an immense understanding of online tools and platforms.

Meme queen, content king and a big fan of analytics, Stew has a targeted, measurable and results-driven approach to digital marketing.

Elaine the brain
Senior PR and Content Manager
The quizmaster of the agency, Elaine’s winning ability to ask pertinent questions, get the right answers and keep score makes her an absolute star player.

Elaine’s general knowledge and in-depth B2B understanding is constantly evolving. This pragmatic approach allows for refreshing strategies that combine traditional and digital PR.


David the diplomat
PR Manager
Cool calm and collected, David is the level-headed darling of the agency. He is renowned for his bomb-defusing skills and MacGyver-like abilities to navigate tricky situations.

His gracious manner and persuasive charm contribute to his unsurpassed command on media relations. There is no evidence to prove that David is a double agent, but we agree he seems too good to be true.


Emma the energizer
Senior PR Manager
Enthusiastic, excited and an absolute expert, Emma brings 15 years of big brand consumer PR experience to the agency.

Her charming and confident character champions our client’s stories, creates meaningful media relationships and adds oodles of charisma to our team.