By Stewart Hicks.

We social media executives get about (behave, I didn’t mean like that). Sometimes we need to create content on the go, whether it’s from a conference or a hosted event, or simply to get involved in an instantaneous conversation happening right there and then. To get the maximum impact from sharing these moments you have to create good content.

Here are some mobile (primarily iOS) applications you may not know about that will help you instantaneously create valuable content whilst on the move:


PicArt (iOS)

This handy app allows you to add text and shapes to your images. The fonts included are stylish enough so you can get some great results. Easy to use and in a few clicks you can share to your favourite social media platforms.  

Halftone 2 (iOS)

Make action packed comics from your day to day events. Great for adding speech bubbles and a bit of drama to the world around you. There are plenty of template graphics to use which can bring life to an image in a comedy sort of way.  

Mematic (iOS / Android)

best photography apps ios
Create ‘MEME’s’ from your images, turning that picture of a puppy on roller-skates into an instant viral hit (probably). Above you can see my attempt at this, I am sure you can do better. 

Diptic (iOS / Android)

Create photo collages, combining multiple images. You can also add text, although this is a fairly basic function. This is great for collating images from an event in one place for your audience to access.  


Hyperlapse (iOS)

We love this app. Create on the fly smooth looking timelapse videos. Perfect for showing busy bustling people at events. If you have an android phone then we hear Framelapse is a good alternative. 

Replay (iOS)

Great video editing app that simplifies the process. Pick the music and style, add several clips and the app will cut it all to the beat. Then just add text and share. Seamless uploading to Facebook, Instagram and other services mean you get professional results in a matter of minutes.

Monitoring & Scheduling

SocialScore (iOS)

Monitor the Klout score of all of your twitter accounts, so you can keep track of how influential each one is all in one place.


Buffer (iOS / Android) + Daily (iOS)

Combined you can take the Tinder app’s ‘swipe right’ mentality and apply it to content. The Daily app runs off of Buffer, and as it presents different content from your choice of subject, you can pick the best bits to be added to the auto queue schedule in Buffer. Content curation could not be easier.

What are your favourite apps for using to create on the fly content? Is there any we missed or that you prefer? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet!

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