Social Media Management for Food Industry and Restaurants

We know the restaurant industry is fiercely  competitive, and in our opinion if your business is showing any one one of these 5 signs then it is time your restaurant invested in a social media strategy:

1. Your customers are taking pictures of your food on their phones and you have no idea why.

Don’t worry; this is normally a good thing! We have entered a time where people want to share the things they love, and in this case it’s your menu! They are likely uploading to social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to show off your food to their friends. This is great news, but what would be really great is for you to then re-share this great content with other potential customers, thank them for their appreciation, and engage them in a positive way. This engagement is going to nurture your customer and will pay off with their repeat business. Get yourself on those channels, and reserve some time in your day to engage with those customers as part of your strategy. Read more about creating a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant here.


2. You just read a recipe on a blog, and know you can do it better.

Restaurant Social Media Blogging

The Gingerman restaurants in Brighton use a Recipe blog to build trust and engage with their customers. Click the image to see their page.

So you are online one night and read a recipe posted by someone. Upon reading it you realise your version is made with a far better technique. The right thing to do here is start up your own blog on your restaurant’s website and post your recipe! This might feel counter intuitive, and we aren’t telling you to reveal the secrets of every signature dish you make, but giving people an insight into how you make your food should show them just how much time, effort and quality goes in to your product. Blogging is an essential part of a social media strategy, it helps drive website traffic and linking it with a strong call-to-action can lead to increases in bookings. Post regularly to the blog and people will begin to build a trust in your restaurant that will create that all important repeat business.


3. You just had an argument with a customer who gave you a bad review on Facebook.

No. No. No. Remember that cliché saying: ‘the customer is always right’? Well whether you believe in it or not, social media is not the place to be anything but polite and positive. A social media strategy should have a customer service section, with a detailed plan of action of what to do should you receive a negative comment online. Rule 1 would be never argue. Seek to resolve the issue via email or phone, away from the line of sight of your other customers. We have a template we adjust for each of our clients, and follow it closely to ensure we do not offend our audience. Social Media is an extremely powerful customer service tool, read more about using it to keep your customers happy here.

social media for restaurant customer service

How not to respond to negative criticism on Facebook. Click the image to read the full story.


restaurant social media strategy

Offering coupons via Social Media is a great way to drive engagement and turn it directly in to footfall.

4. The restaurant across the street is filling more tables than you, even though you offer better quality produce at a fairer price.

Every night you look across the street and people are queueing up to sit down and eat a meal that costs them more and is of lower quality than what you offer. Have you ever considered that this might because they are simply being smarter with their marketing? Your social media strategy should include campaigns that will entice first time customers to visit. Coupons, vouchers and competitions will all drive engagement, increasing awareness of your business and turning the tables (pun intended) on your competition.


5. You see people posting to your restaurant’s social media page but don’t have the time to respond.

This is without a doubt the most common problem we hear about with businesses. We understand that with all the other daily routines you have, posting messages on Twitter, Facebook etc. just aren’t top of your priority list. If you simply can’t make time for this then get us to help! We offer a management package which enables you to get on with running your business whilst we grow your customers into loyal fans.


For help with developing a social media strategy check out our free resources here, or alternatively give us a ring on 01444 801041 and we can discuss your own tailored strategy.

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