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The life of a Social Media manager is filled with many challenges, one of which is finding the time to fit everything in. Fortunately the use of software and tools helps make our lives easier, and those of us who use Google Chrome as our primary browser will know it is chock full of useful apps that can help streamline our workload and make us in to super efficient content producing machines.

Whilst there are plenty of blogs touching on the obvious extensions (such as those for scheduling content to Hootsuite, Sprout Social & the like) we thought we would highlight some of the lesser known tools that have become essential in day to day use.


Emoji Input

emoji input chrome extension review

The little characters known as emoji have become synonymous with Social Media & being able to post these iconic symbols straight from your desktop (including in to scheduled messaging tools) is about as essential as it gets. Emoji Input allows this, with a simple drop down menu that allows you to browse by category and even search for the emoji icon you need. The uses for this tool extend outside of Chrome, as you can copy the emoji and paste them in to other programs, making this the closest thing to investing in that emoji keyboard we all wanted for Christmas.


I’m a Gentleman

fast image download google chrome

How do you save an image from a webpage? Right click and then Save Image As? You are wasting valuable seconds my good friend. This tool allows you to download an image simply by clicking and dragging the image. This simple gesture will download the image to your specified download folder allowing you to get on with whatever you want in those 2 seconds you just saved.


Feedly Mini

Feedly Mini extension review

Found an awesome blog you want to curate content from? This extension allows you to quickly add it to your Feedly account. We use Feedly as a way of curating RSS feeds, and this extension allows you to quickly add new content sources as you find it.


Eye Dropper

eye dropper colour picker chrome extension

If you ever need to create designs or change the colour scheme of your brands social media accounts then this tool makes it easy to find out the colour scheme used on a webpage, allowing you to match it without having to paste a screenshot of the page in to your chosen image editing software.



Clipular screen capture chrome extension

This useful tool allows you to capture elements of a webpage where it then saves them to a digital scrapbook. You can either download the captured images or link to them with ease. We use this for everything from creating reports to adding a website preview as a Twitter image.

Do you have any extensions for Chrome you cannot live without? Let us know on Twitter.

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