where do I find customers on internet


One of the first steps you should take when building a Digital Marketing strategy is to know where your online audience is. It helps you to build buyer personas and ensures your efforts do not go to waste, especially when picking which Social Media channels to focus on.

So how do you find your audience? Follow these simple steps to make sure you reach your audience efficiently:


google alerts are a great way to notify your business of stories in your industry1. Google Alerts – Every business should know about Google Alerts and at least have them set up for their own business name. On top of this select key words from your industry and create an RSS feed from the resulting data. This will enable you to comment on breaking news around your target subject as it happens, making your brand appear relevant and informative to others reading the articles Google finds.


how do I find more customers2. Message Boards – These online forums are often filled with people looking for advice and help. You need to find the ones relevant to your industry and monitor them. Boardreader.com is an excellent tool for doing just that. This search platform finds bulletin boards on a subject of your choice. Use different keyword searches to maximise your success and check the dates of posts to ensure the forum is still active.

One of the biggest forums on the net is Reddit, and its sheer size means almost every industry or topic has been discussed at some point. Reddit is segmented in to ‘subreddits’ (mini forums) on a whole range of topics, so take a look and see if there is one relative to your industry.


get new facebook fans3. Social Media groups – Facebook & LinkedIn both have active groups, and again it’s just a case of joining those relevant to your industry. The key here is to pick 2 or 3 of the most active groups to monitor, that way you can concentrate on engaging with as many people as possible, increasing your brand visibility within those groups. Posting often to a small amount of groups has a far greater impact than say posting once every few months to 20 groups.



find popular people on twitter4. Key Influencer Lists – You may have noticed a few names popping up regularly whilst researching steps 1-3 . Note these down. People who regularly post industry relevant content are worth knowing, search for them on LinkedIn and build connections to them. Do they have a Twitter account? If so then look into reaching out to their followers, as these people will no doubt be interested in your content too. Sites such as BuzzSumo and Klout can help you locate popular people too.


From these 4 steps you should now have a good idea of where your audience is. For more help on selecting the right social media platform for your business Download our FREE Social Media Channel Guide.


Once you have found your audience what now? Click here to read about our Dos and Don’ts for engaging with your online audience.

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