PR and Social Media Alignment

By Aneela Rose.

So you have some great stories about your brand, lots to talk about and you have plenty of followers across various social media networks who you can tell your story to. What now?

Here is a handy guide to making sure your campaign strategy is aligned perfectly, using PR to leverage your social media and vice versa.


1)      Design to Align!
Design the strategy with both Public Relations and Social Media in mind. Use a tool such as SOSTAC to ensure everything is working towards achieving the objectives set out.


2)      Be Social
Use Social Media to engage with PR targets. Press, bloggers and media personalities all use social media, and so where email might not get through to them a well written or witty tweet might just grab their attention. Remember they get a lot of messages from people every day so try to think outside the box.


3)      Feed your Social Media with PR Content
Use PR material as Social Media content. Whilst Social Media feeds the PR team with potential contacts, the PR stories produced make excellent content for sharing via the Social Media channels.


4)      Be aware and act fast
Keep an eye out for trending topics and remodel press releases and stories so they become topical and current. The better you can do this the more interest you will receive from bigger press publications.


These steps are simple but effectively will set up your business to succeed in sharing great content with the right people.

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