Google AdWords: promote your mobile application

Whether it is a branding project or an innovative use, mobile applications are a great success with consumers. However, if many entrepreneurs have had a revolutionary idea, only a few elected officials manage to settle permanently in their users’ smartphones. Google now offers a complete device to overcome this infidelity! With universal application promotion campaigns on Google AdWords, your app gains visibility. The result is a unique campaign for a Search, Display, YouTube broadcast.

Google adwords for app

Mobile applications: a mixed picture….

In 2015, 111 billion applications were downloaded, 41 billion revenues generated and more than 1.5 million apps are available for download from app stores. Google even announces that 90% of the time spent on mobile phones is spent on applications. Numbers to make your head spin.
However, in this area, application developers still face a real challenge: constantly conquering new users, and especially keeping them. And yes, because today, 60% of the apps have never been downloaded and 95% are abandoned in less than a month.
To capture users, it is essential to target them at the right time. Thus, several possibilities are available to you:

  • Appear in the list of applications
  • Position yourself on Google searches
  • Create engagement within Google Play
  • Being seen on YouTube

With AdWords universal app campaigns, a single campaign is enough to achieve these objectives simultaneously. Indeed, by choosing this lever, the user is directly redirected to a Google Play page dedicated to your application.
App Tracking allows you to track the performance of your campaigns, thanks to the installation of a conversion tag. App tracking will link your AdWords campaigns to the download of your application. At each download, a conversion is recorded.

Mobile application: how to optimize my AdWords Search campaign?

Because they meet a particular objective, universal AdWords campaigns for Mobile App require some optimization. First, you must create a dedicated campaign for each application. This way, you can target but also bid as accurately as possible.
Google also invites advertisers to push a catchy ad, including a period at the end of each sentence. A reference for an optimized display of your message on your mobile phone. Finally, make sure that the destination url refers to the application’s download page.
As for keywords, it is possible to use very precise targeting by using the data from your search campaigns to improve your performance. In the event of a lack of inspiration, use the keyword suggestions, which will help you with queries and search volumes.

Eye-catching displays, the key to downloads!

The display remains a stable lever to win new users for your application. However, it is again a good idea to comply with Google guidelines in order to optimize your performance. Thus, for efficient display campaigns:

  • Preferably use the conversion to CPA, by download therefore!
  • Set a daily budget equivalent to about 50X the CPA target
  • Let the campaign run for at least 4 to 6 weeks before evaluating the results. At least 150 conversions must be performed to stabilize it.
  • Create a targeting by category: new users, paid download….

YouTube, more commitment for your mobile apps

Also accessible via the AdWords interface, YouTube is a great way to promote your mobile applications. Here again, some advice is needed to adapt your campaign to the constraints of the support. So, to perform on YouTube:

  • Keep it short! From 20 to 40 seconds maximum
  • Get to the point: the message must be perceptible within the first 5 seconds
  • Be creative: multiply videos for the same message and speak the truth
  • Put your proposals in the spotlight: a video tutorial helps you to understand the use of the application
  • Allow time for action: a static CTA for a few seconds offers interesting feedback.